Responsive Template Migration

Responsive Templates

Web Communications has completed responsive template designs as an upgrade to the current "blue theme." Site owners will have the option of choosing from three front-page layouts as shown below.

Prior to upgrading to the new, responsive template, site owners will complete a pre-upgrade checklist. We also encourage you to re-evaluate your strategy to help deliver a stronger product to meet your website goals. You will have the option of keeping your landing page configuration the same as your current site OR you may opt to have a consultation in re-organizing landing page content.

Web Communications Manager Amy Lozano-Smith will contact site owners to schedule upgrades, discuss the pre-upgrade checklist and review the overall process of cloning your site to the development server where you will work on freshening up your website before it is launched.

Timelines are fluid pending website migration approvals and launch.

Request migration.

Front page layouts:

Full Slider

UC Merced responsive template - full slider

Two-Thirds Slider

UC Merced Responsive Template - Small slider

Side Navigation

UC Merced Responsive - Side Navigation